Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Post of the NEW BLOG!!!

Hello!  It feels like it's been forever since I blogged last!  I have missed it SO much!  I started the last blog as a lenten promise, but this one is different.  I'll still blog whatever God puts on my heart, but I didn't make any promises this time.  "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit" according to preschool rules! 

Those of you who know me have figured out the name of this blog.  "The View From The Shoe" refers to the little old lady who lived in a shoe who had so many children she didn't know what to do.  I am heavily blessed in the children department.  I have seven that came from me, one my son married and gave me as a daughter, and the many school, church and neighborhood kids that call me Mom, Aunt Amy, or Mrs. Swager. My life is surrounded by children, and I embrace them whole-heartedly.  I love being the Kool-aid house, and the place other parents look when their kids aren't home yet.  So most of my point of view is that of mother, grandmother, and child advocate.  Thus, my view is usually from the shoe.  Being surrounded by children is a lot like being in a shoe.  Sometimes it's cramped in here.  Sometimes we could use some odor-eaters.  But no one is sent to bed with broth and no bread unless their behavior tells me they have chosen that. 

Like the old lady, sometimes I don't know what to do.  I get overwhelmed with the vast opportunities that I could be taking advantage of now that the kids are all in school.  Should I keep my special ed job at school?  Should I become a full-time writer?  Should I do public speaking about heart health?  Maybe I'm supposed to finish my degree and substitute teach?  Sometimes OT calls to me.  TOO MANY OPTIONS!  It's hard to know, so of course I do what I always do, and pray.  I still don't know, but today I went to work and I hope I made a difference in the lives of the kids I work with.  They certainly made a difference in mine.  Now I'm home, writing this blog, and waiting for my beloved daughter, Misty and my grandkids to get here for a visit.  STOP!  Gramma TIME!  Woo hoo!     

One of my students was very upset today and went on an autistic rant.  I just let him talk for awhile, and I was intrigued by what he was saying.  "Jesus said yes, so no one should be saying no to me because Jesus talks to God and he said Yes!  So this is a yes day and not a no day and I am angry because you are saying no and it is not a no day because Jesus said yes and God said yes and I said please and God doesn't like it when people say no and it makes me angry and I don't like it either!"  So I guess I got ganged up on, since he had 2/3 of the Trinity on his side, but he still didn't get to use the computer because I said it wasn't a computer day and I meant what I said.  (Footnote:  God likes it when you stick to what you said, but I didn't want to make it worse, so I kept this info to myself.) Then he told me about the robot he was going to make to kill my friends, so I nipped it in the bud.  He still likes me.  He also still didn't get to use the computer.  I'm tougher than killer robots.       

Well, that's all for today! 

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