Monday, June 20, 2011

My name is not BUT-MOM!

That's right, my name is not But-Mom.  Just Mom.  I love being a mom. I love everything about my kids, except the name But-Mom.  I heard that name a lot this last week.  "Lydia, please wash the dishes."  "But-Mom, Isaac doesn't have to do anything."  "Simon, could you take out this trash?"  "But-Mom, you said I could be done with chores!"  But-Mom is the name that can only be pronounced with the whine in the middle.  "But-Moouuuuuuhhhhhoooom."  I don't love it.  Really. 

But what I do love is the other stuff I heard this week.  "Thanks, Mom, for letting us have our friends over."  "Thanks, Mom for the s'mores."  "I'll miss you when I'm in Chicago, Mom."  "Thanks, Mom...just thanks."  I love my kids.  I may have mentioned it several million times to them, and anyone willing to listen. 

Right now Sylvia is the only one home.  She is watching TV all scrunched up in her Daddy's chair.  She didn't get to go to the beach with Simon and her cousins because she's had a rash all week.  The doctor said it's Fifth Disease.  It's a common, viral, mostly non-threatening, highly contagious childhood disease.  I wonder what the first four diseases were.  The odd thing is that I saw 2 other kids at school with the same rash and wondered aloud if it was Fifth Disease.  I also have some nieces with it, so having an answer was wonderful.  We can stop throwing away hundreds of dollars worth of body wash and bug spray, since it's NOT an allergy. 

Isaac Lydia and Harriett are gone to Chicago for a few days.  They are touring Chicago with the Youth Choir, and will be performing at a retirement home, and at open-mic night Wednesday at Pot Belly's.  It's a sandwich store that has musical entertainment (I looked it up.)  So if you're in the Chicago Area, drop on in for some local talent.  You might hear Isaac belting out some Free bird!  That boy's got PIPES!!!!   My girls may be doing a duet also, maybe "Lean on Me".  They love that tune almost as much as Journey's "Don't stop Believin'." 

I didn't realize how much I miss them until I got home and no one "But-Mommed" me.  I took out the trash myself.  I didn't even complain...much.  I am typing at the computer, and Harriett's not trying to put her feet on me.  (She knows I don't like feet touching me.)  No one is trying to argue with me right now, and it feels very empty and lonely.  Someone should be asking what's for dinner, fully prepared to "But-Mom" the answer, even if they like what I'm making.  I miss my kids.  I hope Chicago is fun. 

Saved by the Sylvia!  I have officially been "But-Mommed", again!  Sylvia: "Mom, can I have a special treat?  You"  Me: "We have to have dinner first."  Sylvia: "But Mom, Isaac bought me a sno-cone from the ice cream man, and it's in the freezer!" 

So here I go to make her dinner so she can eat her sno-cone from her beloved brother that she misses terribly.  No one understands how much she misses the kids, But Mom.              

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