Friday, August 5, 2011

Let yourself Be.

Good Morning Blog-readers! 

I woke up all excited about the CHWC pool party this evening.  My mind was flying around with my "to do" list, and memories of different things and people from the trip, and a buzz of overall excitement.  I heard the "reasonable grown-up voice" inside my head say,  "Now, calm down.  There's no need to get all hyped up about it."  But then I stopped myself. 

One of the benefits (and sometimes, it's also the hardest part) of being me is that my emotions run high.  When I'm sad, my heart breaks.  When I'm happy, my heart soars with joy. I feel with my whole self.  Sometimes I struggle for balance with my emotions.  I'll get stuck in one feeling or another, and feel helpless to get back to good.  However, we spent all of last week learning how to live uncovered, and be true to who we were made to be, and that wasn't just talk for me. 

So...I'm very excited today.  I'm excited to spend time with the kids from Catholic Heart WorkCamp and their families.  I'm deliriously happy with the way my freshly painted kitchen wall and cabinets look!  I'm hyped up about the prospect of being with my kids for the rest of this month before school starts. 

Sorry, "grown-up, stuffy, keep-it-in-check voice", you need to hush.  Today I will be who I am and how I am.  Happiness doesn't need to be reeled in and concealed. I will be me, unashamed, unapologetic, just me.  I will experience this world happily today.  I will be me with all my warts and quirks, and glorious weirdness.  I will embrace this day and gather up all the blessings available in it! 

Be you today, and be blessed by it! 


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