Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How far will you go?

Tonight I had the good fortune to go to Vicksburg High School and participate in an event called "Field of Faith".  This evening was put on by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and well attended by athletes from all over our area.  Some drove quite a distance, I heard.

One man was encouraging these young men and women to consider the "why" for the way they do what they do.  His "Why" is Jesus Christ.  Mine too!  Then he challenged us to stand if we were willing to commit to spending more time reading the Word of God.  Again, I'm in.  I'm totally in. I noticed most everyone was standing.  Awesome!  He gave an invitation for anyone who needed help with prayer. A few folks were brave enough to leave their seats to get up and ask one of the youth ministers to pray with them.  That took some courage to stand up and admit you'd like to live for Christ in front of all those people!

So when I got home my attention turned to Syria.  My heart is heavy for the people there.  My only experience of the Syrian people is a kind and loving dear friend who has kind and loving parents that still live in Syria.  Today, in many places in Syria, a man at gunpoint will ask some terrified soul if they are a Christian.  If the answer is yes, he will be given the option to convert or die. Then that person will summon the courage to choose death rather than deny their Savior.

My mind goes back to the football field in Vicksburg.  What if the speaker asked those kids to deny Christ or die, how many would have the courage to stand up and proclaim Christ as their Savior and prepare to meet Him? Several did at Columbine with guns pointed at their faces and their testimonies are riveting.  How many would look around and see what everyone else is doing and follow the crowd?  It's easy to be a stadium Christian.  It's easy to fly under the radar, and sit with your friends and go through the motions.  But what would you do if today your life was required of you? Imagine just for a minute that the gun is in your face.   He died for us, are we really willing to return the favor?    

How far am I willing to go when the rubber hits the road?

My prayer for everyone at the rally tonight, and everyone who reads this (and also for myself) is that our faith isn't something we say, but something we are.  I pray that our faith is such that we become physically incapable of denying the Lord. The Young Church is strong and capable and incredible.  These young Christian men and women should be looked at as the empowered body of Christ that they are!  Thank you to those who encourage my children (because I think of ALL of them as my children) in their lives of Faith.  Thank you so much to those living the example of one who says yeas every single day!  I pray that our faith is strengthened by our brothers and sisters in the stadium, and around the world.  Martyrs will be made today.  Let's honor them by showing true Christian love to everyone we meet.

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