Friday, January 6, 2017

What's wrong with being "Confident?"

I heard that song on the radio, and asked myself the same question. What IS wrong with being confident? Truly, nothing. If you are properly defining the word "confident".

I heard a different song that got me thinking about this. The songs couldn't be more different. This other song was written centuries ago. In Latin, it's known as "Adeste Fideles" in English "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." If you know me, you know I'm a total Word Nerd and love learning the roots, origins and etymology of words. So naturally, I was curious about these Latin In our church, as in others as well, we sing it in latin, and one of the words looked familiar: FIDELES.

It comes from the word FIDES which means Faith. This version of the word FAITH (thanks to means  "trust, faith, confidence, reliance, credence, belief,"  

So, CON FIDES means "with much FAITH."  

Am I living my life like one of those "Fideles" being invited to "Adeste"?  Am I truly "Full of Faith"?  FULL?  

Con Fides.  "With much faith" is the kind of mindset that allowed Mary to say Yes to whatever God had in mind for her life.  "Fideles" is the mindset that the disciples took with them everywhere they went to proclaim the gospel to all who would listen.  

Con-Fidence is what I wish for everyone this New Year!  In 2017, May you be filled with FAITH that whatever it brings with it, He will love us through it.  Let's have CONFIDENCE that whoever dies this year will experience a peaceful death. Let's have CONFIDENCE that the new people born this year will be a blessing to the world they inherit. 

Let's all go forward, boldly into 2017 with the CONFIDENCE, the fullness of Faith, that our words and actions will reflect that Faith in our hearts, and the Love of the one we have Faith in.    

Oh come, let us adore him.

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