Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowy, with a chance of prayers.

I'm looking out my bedroom window at the snow falling in soft puffs, cheerfully and quietly racing towards the ground.

They are like millions of prayers and kind thoughts all fluffy and pure covering the dark, scorched ground of a tragedy.

It's been snowing for a while now, and only a few dark spots of sadness remain.  At first glance, all is well and light and pure in the world.  Choose to see only that.

Hold on to the vision in white, made whole by the praying of friends and those who love you and don't know anything else to do for you.  Don't seek out the dark patches where the broken pieces show through.  It's too easy to be drawn into them by their stark contrast against the purity of love, joy and happiness.

 The bare ground of sorrow will be covered by the billowy white softness of this snow until this season of coldness ends.

Soon, the warm rays of Divine Love will melt the snow of blessings into water so plentiful that we can't absorb it all.  Kindness, like soft rains will gently soak away the hardness of cold ground that we've become.  For a time, the  murky mud of our sorrows seems to be everywhere. It sticks to our boots, dirties up our homes, and tracks along behind us everywhere we go.

As we allow these blessings to flow deeper within us, and we absorb the warmth of God's love, we are transformed into fertile soil where seeds of hope can find nourishment and flourish.

The ground always remains, but as time goes by it can't be seen through the colorful blooms and dense foliage of the garden we've allowed ourselves to become.        


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