Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homecoming 2013!

This weekend is Homecoming weekend in the Climax-Scotts area in SO many ways, and I'm being very blessed by each and every one!  For starters, all week long, my kids have been preparing for the big Homecoming festivities!  Floats were built.  Costumes were selected so that Isaac could be a cheerleader for his Senior Girl's Powder puff football team.  Dresses were purchased.  Shirts were ironed.  Music was practiced for Harriett's feature in the Michael Jackson song "Bad" at the Homecoming halftime show!  Much preparation was made for this wonderful, busy week that will all culminate in tonight's Homecoming Dance.  
So why do they call it Homecoming when I mostly spend every waking moment transporting high school kids hither, tither and yon?  I did spend more time 'coming home' because I spent a lot of time not BEING home! Well this weekend, some people I love are celebrating REAL homecomings.  Allow me to share.

Cousin Joe is getting married today to his sweetheart, Jenny.  Marriage is the first step in creating a new family, and a new home within each other's hearts.  Forever more they will be able to see each other or even just think of each other, and know where they belong.  My prayer for them is that they will build that marriage so that wherever they are, no matter WHERE they live, together they are always "home".

Another friend will say goodbye to her grandfather this weekend.  He has gone home to be with the Lord.  His work here is done, and it was his time to say goodbye.  Sadly, I don't believe this friend got to say goodbye.  She has very few memories of her grandfather.  Although he has the joy of going home, she missed out on the opportunity to really get to know who he was, or what he cared about.  How sad that he took that with him. Maybe HIS Homecoming should be a reminder to us all not to be selfish with the gifts God gives us, and to share ourselves with each other.  Mend the fences.  Make amends, before it ends in regrets and missed opportunities.

There is another Homecoming this weekend, I hope.  If his last x-ray looked good, my friend's husband will be coming home from the Cardiac floor, sporting his new Aortic Valve that was replaced this week.  What an amazing Homecoming that will be.  I looked on as his son was crowned Homecoming King, and rightly so, as he is celebrating his father coming home today.  My Isaac played football with the King in the big game last night.  He told me that after King Sam scored, he held up the ball and said,"this one's for you, Dad!" What a nice kid.  What a nice family.  What a beautiful example of faith in God that all would be well.

So tomorrow is Sunday.  I will be celebrating my own Homecoming as I go 'home' to my Father's house and spend time with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I will be united with my beloved Savior in the Eucharist, and will share my genetic family with my spiritual family.  I will not be wearing sequins (probably) and I don't think a float will be required.  I will not be making reservations, but I will definitely be there!  I'll work my hardest for the home team, and I will bask in the company of all who have gone before me and the thought of all those that will follow.

Isn't that kind of what Homecoming is about?

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