Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Birthday Party

She's so excited to get to the party.  It's something she's been looking forward to for quite a while now. The birthday party that is so legendary, so super-colossal--but the guest list is super exclusive. 

She's been preparing her gift for...well it feels like forever.  It is something handmade with love.  She didn't choose the materials that have gone into this gift, they were given to her like hand me downs.  She has crafted them with love into something magnificent.  Something worthy of this guest of honor. 

It's nearly time for her to leave for the party.  She puts on her blue gown, and calls her family near her to let them know she's leaving.  They know that this is a trip she will not return from, and sadness fills their hearts. Mostly because they don't yet fully understand what an honor it is to be invited to the party this year.  It's really time!  The Birthday Boy has requested the honor of her presence at his birthday party at His House this year! 

Her family holds each other as they watch her leave.  She takes a breath.  The only way to get to the party is to stop breathing, and she's so tired of fighting, and so ready to see this Jesus that she's loved for so long.  Her life is her gift.  She takes one last breath, and gives her gift to Jesus. 

This year she'll spend His birthday with Him.   


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  1. Merry Christmas, Swagers! This is great, Amy. Sorry I didn't start reading it sooner. Blessings on your family - Love, Diane Belote