Tuesday, December 20, 2011

...Special Bulletin...This just in...

I got up and started on a mad rush...clothes on...breakfast...getting myself and MY kids ready for school. 

"Mom give me the Quiz!" They shout.   

Get Dressed?  Yep
Eat Breakfast?  Yep
Brush your teeth? Yep
Pack a snack? Yep
Pack your backpack? Yep
Combed your hair? Yep
Socks and shoes on?  Yep.  Good.  Here's the bus. They ride, I drive my van.

I get to school, and here come the kids. It's a flurry of backpacks and milk money and shoes and boots and mittens and smiles, and complaints, and soon 17 kids are seated at tables eating and coloring and putting stickers on bags that will hold their gifts they made for their parents.  I take a breath.  We're on the move again.  To the big bathroom down the hall...to music class...reprimand a sassy one...back to the classroom...quiet time on the carpet...some rest, some are still working.  We glue, we glitter, we paint, we write stories, we eat a snack, then it's back to the flurry of coats and boots and mail to go home, and snowpants, and some children putting on their boots so excruciatingly slowly you can't actually see them move.  To the bus!  Reprimand the sassy one again.  And off they go!  Another awesome day at work. 

I shop for cookie ingredients and come home.  I chat with Lydia and make a batch of cookie dough that has to chill.  I run her to the bank, then to the school.  Harriett comes home, we chat, I prepare Misty's birthday gift.(No hints!) The rest is a blur of people coming and going until I find myself at the mall with Harriett, Kenzie, and my Mom. 

This just in...I need to interrupt the details of my busy day to remind myself and everyone else that one day,  a long time ago, God took human form and allowed himself to be born as a human child.  He did this because He loves us so much, He couldn't bear to be separate from us.  He couldn't take a chance of us not knowing Him, or how much he loves and cares for us.  He gave himself wholly and completely out of love for you.  Body and soul, humanity and divinity, he gave it all so that we could be near him.  That kind of love deserves a moment of silent reflection. 

This shopping trip is a dream.  We are having fun. I love shopping with my Mom.  She rocks, and she gets me! 

I got home from shopping, got out the wrapping paper for Harriett, gave Sylvia a blessing, said hello to Isaac and Luke, and made another double batch of cookies.  Oh, and I ate some soup. That brings me to now.  Blogging away, waiting for my timer to go off. (For the cookies, not figuratively.)  I'm going to go brush my teeth and admire Luke's handiwork at putting in our new bathtub.  The tub is in, but the faucet and tub surround still need to go in.  He is making good time.  I'm so appreciative of him right now, you have no idea! 

So how was your day?  Feel free to interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a special bulletin from God.  Maybe he's trying to tell you something. 

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