Monday, December 19, 2011

Lord, Have Mercy

There is a part in the Mass when the priest says some lovely things, followed by "Lord have Mercy".  Then he says some more things followed by "Christ have Mercy".  Then he says another thing followed by "Lord have Mercy."  This part of the Mass spills over into my life, as I find myself praying this way all day long. 

I am certain I am not saying the same things as the priest, but the idea is the same.  I am incapable of handling this life on my own, and I acknowledge that I need the help of my Lord and Savior, without whom I am useless.  Without his Grace and Mercy, I am hopeless, and frightened, and don't stand a chance of finding success, or happiness, or even acceptance of the way things are at the moment. So when I am overwhelmed I pray, and end the prayer the way we do in Mass.  "Lord Have Mercy." 

Gramma Sally has cancer.  Lord Have Mercy.
We're afraid to lose her.  Christ have Mercy. 
This process of losing her breaks our hearts.  Lord have mercy. 

It works with situations that are not mine, also.  It's important to pray for others who need his Mercy, too.  Don't be all selfish with God's Love!  When you spread it around, it grows and increases. 

Leisha is having quadruple bypass, Lord have Mercy. 
Mike's family is trying to learn how to live with an implanted device.  Christ have Mercy. 
My friend is having marital problems, and can't see the right thing to do.  Lord have Mercy. 

It also works with day to day stuff as well.  It's only by Grace and Mercy that we live each day. 

My children are being mean to each other, and have stopped treating me with respect.  Lord Have Mercy. 
Today I feel like nothing I do matters at school. I don't know how to help these kids. Christ have Mercy. 
Two of my children aren't children any more, but are grown men, with families of their own.  Lord have mercy. 

Think of all the times today that you can ask for God's mercy, and ASK!  He won't turn you away.  Think of all the situations in your life that would go so much more smoothly with a little Mercy in it.  Mercy is what Jesus is all about!  Mercy and love.  Shout it out loud or mumble it under your breath, or think it in your head, but please, ask for it. 

May God bless you today, whatever you are facing.  Lord have Mercy! 

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