Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gramma Sally

I don't have anything clever or deep or profound to say.  If there's a pearl of wisdom hidden somewhere in this blog, God put it there, and good luck finding it.  Sometimes things just are what they are.  And sometimes people are, too. 

Take Gramma Sally, for example.  She is my dear friend's mother, and has been referred to as "Gramma Sally" since she has had grand kids. I've known her for as long as I can remember.  She's quite an amazing lady, although she'd probably just scoff at me and roll her eyes if I told her that. 

Gramma Sally is the lady you know because you see her all over town.  She's not famous, or rich and fancy, but she's the lady who knows your name, and your family, and asks how they are all doing because she honestly cares.  She's spent every ounce of herself trying her best to raise kind, loving respectful kids...mostly on her own.  She's worked to provide for her family, and when necessary, has fought like a mama-bear to protect her young from those ignorant enough to disrespect them. I don't know what it was like to be her child.  I'm sure she wasn't perfect.  I have no doubt she'd lay into her kids when they had it coming, and hold them tenderly when they didn't deserve what life handed them. She never allowed them to wallow in self-pity, but told them to get out there and do all the stuff that kids do. 

She was one of the parents I knew from elementary school because she found a way to be there for all us kids when there was something going on at school. If one of hers was on the team, there was Gramma Sally.  Even with the grand kids now, there's Gramma Sally.  She's traded in the cigarette that used to accompany her for an oxygen tank.  Emphysema makes her sit on the bottom row so she doesn't have to climb many steps, but there she is.  Beaming with pride at those grand kids of hers. 

I have always known her to be an honest woman.  Sometimes she's even willing to say the things that everyone else was thinking but was afraid to say. I admire her pluck!  I admire her strength.  Even as I watch the video clip of her from her hospital bed, I see her putting the needs of her grand kids first.  "I love you very much!" is the first thing she says, as she (once again) puts herself last. 

A day is coming when Gramma Sally won't be last any more.  I hope she's with us for a long time, but her day will come when the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  Gramma Sally will smile up at her Savior, and she'll know she is his beloved.  She'll get her chance to be first. She will no longer have the job of taking care of everyone in her family by herself.  That will be up to God, and each of them.  She's done her part.  Now her job is just to love them all.  Gramma Sally can be a pip, but she LOVES her people.  I'm proud to say I know her, and hope she's feeling better soon.  Do you have a Gramma Sally in your life?  Tell her how you feel.  Look for the things about her that bless you.         


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  1. Amy,

    Thank you SO much for seeing my mother and being able to put into word who she is and always will be.

    I Love you,