Thursday, December 8, 2011

You really are beautiful!

If we could see ourselves in God's eyes, we would beam.  We would know our worth.  We would see our own beauty and marvel at ourselves.  It wouldn't even be a conceited kind of marvelling.  We would just be like "Wow.  I had no idea I had those skills.  I didn't know I was made like that.  I didn't know these horrible things that I went through were going to be a benefit to me down the road.  Look how beautiful my brokenness is.  Look how my scars shine when the light of love hits them just right. Look how loved I am." 

Let's try.  Just for one day.  Just for one moment, look at your life the way God might see it. Think of yourself as loved.  Picture God smiling at the thought of you.  You are His favorite. 

Smile.  Know you are beloved.  Spend this day feeling as wonderful as God made you. 


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